Dig Diaries Day 9

11 Sep 2018

Taken from Dyfed Archaeological Trust's Dig Diaries.

We extended Trench 2 to expose the return of the large wall in the northwestern corner of the building, which again appears to be a substantial wall, suggesting a tall building. The extension in Trench 1 was also continued, but no continuation of any walls were seen, although a deposit of rubbish was revealed containing large quantities of roofing slate, oyster shell, bone and quite a few pieces of glazed tile (possibly ridge tile from the apex of the roof).  At the end of the day I made an initial start to the excavation of the possible cess pit to determine its depth and the nature of its contents!  Although it could not be confirmed that the material is definitely the typical contents of a cess pit, they are well sealed deposits very likely to be contemporary with the structure containing waste material including lots of bone and oyster shell.  Samples are being taken for detailed analysis of environmental information contained within the deposits and hopefully identify dateable material.  Monkton Priory School visited the site this afternoon.

Ruth, Caralinda and Andrew in Trench 1 Roger and Rob (or is it Popeye?) expose the return of the wall in Trench 2 Helen cleans the cobbled surface on the exterior of the building in Trench 2

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