Dig Diaries Day 8

10 Sep 2018

Taken from Dyfed Archaeological Trust's Dig Diaries.

The start of our second week.  Sample excavation of the small room in Trench 1 was completed by Gaynor and Joan, exposing more of a large outcrop of limestone bedrock in its base.  Andrew, Roger, Ruth and Beth carefully trowel layers in the base of Trench 1, to determine if further steps were present in our large mass of masonry as shown in the second  photo from 1931.  Peter and Helen removed backfill layers on the external face of the large wall in Trench 1 to reveal a possible cobbled surface.  We have been given permission by Cadw to slightly extend our trenches and this was started in the afternoon by Joan and Gaynor in Trench 1 and we will probably extend Trench 2 tomorrow, to reveal the return of the large wall. Pupils from St Mary's Primary School in Pembroke Dock came to visit the excavation and had a chance to see some of the finds.

The second photo from 1931 possibly showing the archaeology exposed in Trench 1 from the north Roughly the same view (possibly) on 10/09/2018 Heads down and carefully trowelling (Andrew, Beth, Roger and Ruth)

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