Dig Diaries Day 7

9 Sep 2018

Taken from Dyfed Archaeological Trust's Dig Diaries.

Members of the Castle Studies Trust who are funding the investigation visited the site today to check on progress and have a tour of the site and the Castle.  We hope they were impressed with the work that our volunteers have done over the last week and the quality of the archaeology that has been exposed.  Many questions have been raised which will assist in our interpretation of the archaeology. Work continued in Trench 1 revealing an area of potential bedrock within the possible small room at its eastern end.  The rubble and mortar layer at the western end of the trench was removed to reveal more elements of stonework associated with the large area of masonry.  Our spiral stair may be a more simple arrangement of steps, but there is evidently more to be revealed to determine what it represents (including a further possible wall line). Collapse material has been removed from Trench 2 to reveal a spread of mortar and slate, potentially a collapsed roof within the structure.  Hints of a cobbled area on the external face of the wall has just started to be identified and will be investigated further in the next few days.

Steps within the large area of masonry in Trench 1 The investigation area at the end of Day 7, with Jeremy Cunnington of Castle Studies Trust and Neil Ludlow

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