Dig Diaries Day 6

8 Sep 2018

Taken from Dyfed Archaeological Trust's Dig Diaries.

Our first day of bad weather meant a very slow start in the morning. Rita, Hazel, Helen and Nigel spent the day sorting the finds out that we have had - washing and sorting the cleaned finds for bagging up. Gaynor, Joan, Rob and Jude drew the plans of Trenches 1 and 2.  By the afternoon the weather improved somewhat and we were able to start the removal of layers of building collapse within the trenches, providing the very patient Charlie his first taste of (wet weather) archaeology.  My colleagues Alice and Felicity were also on hand today for a day of outreach to show visitors to the castle a mix of finds that we have recovered from the site and some from our handling collection.  Overall progress was probably far better than anticipated.

Jude, Rob and Charlie in Trench 2 Joan draws the plan of Trench 1, whilst Gaynor and Nigel remove the very last bit of modern backfill

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