Dig Diaries Day 5

7 Sep 2018

Taken from Dyfed Archaeological Trust's Dig Diaries.

Very good progress removing the almost all of the remaining backfill from Trench 1 to reveal a rubble collapse layer - pre-dating the 1930s excavations.  Neil Ludlow, castles expert, has also been on-site this afternoon.  The large mass of masonry uncovered may now be starting to give up its secrets.  There is a hint of a possible curving stair - but our views on that may change.  The top of the large wall in Trench 2 is now fully exposed.  Layers of collapse, again pre-dating the 1930s excavations appear to be present with the building.  We shall do some limited sample excavation of these deposits over the next few days after we have produced a detailed record of the the deposits we have exposed in the trenches - although progress may be very slow tomorrow due to the rain forecast.   Neil Ludlow has also been on-site this afternoon and seemed very pleased with our progress and the survival of the remains. 

Hazel, Nigel and Hywel exposing the full extent of the large wall in Trench 2 Trench 2 at the end of day 5 A different view of the site from the top of Northgate Tower at the end of Day 5 (note the new shelter erected in anticipation of rain for tomorrow)

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