Keepers of the Castle


Sorry, not available to book

Keepers of the Castle

This event is free with castle admission and does not need to be booked in advance.

Travel through 1000 years in just one day with The Merrymakers' outdoor performance "Keepers of the Castle", as they take you on an energetic, musical and hilarious romp through the castle's rich history.

Show times are as follows:

11:30 - Keepers Part I will take you from 1090 to the Tudors.

13:15 - Siege Game - build a castle, destroy your enemy's castle, and save the princess!

15:00 - Keepers Part II will take you from the Tudors to last Tuesday in their brand new show 'A Very Uncivil War'.


Please note that there will be a loud 'bang' at  approx.15:45.

Closed for Event